This is my poor & decent collection of some of my articles

Thu Jul 04 2019 aws lambda node.js serverless
How to deploy and debug Amazon Lambda functions using Cloud9. Release applications over-night without spending time on servers and configurations.
Thu May 30 2019 embedded IOT orangepi devices
Tutorial for getting started with Orange Pi (PC2) on how to flash image and LED blinking using gpio
Install and configure Kubernetes on Windows 10 Pro. Docker Windows provides a tool where installing Kubernetes is actually way more easier than you think.
Fri Apr 12 2019 nginx debian sysadmin linux
Short tutorial with tested examples for beginners and mid-range users on how to install and configure Nginx on Linux Debian 9
Wed Apr 10 2019 linux privacy hack
Tutorial on how to setup and configure DNSCrypt using dnscrypt-proxy (a tool written in Go) on Linux.
Fri Apr 05 2019 nodejs systemd linux
How to setup Node.js 11 for production using systemd (without PM2). Create and enable services using systemd.
Sun Mar 31 2019 linux mips hack
MIPS is an RISC architecture widely used by embedded devices such as routers. Here's a quick brief about how I was running MIPS using QEMU on Linux.